Lord Bilimoria was recently interviewed by Philip Slater of Forbes, the business news publication, about the state of UK-India relations.  The piece touches on the UK’s changing business relationship with India and the rise of entrepreneurship in both countries, as well as the lessons that the Britain and India can learn from each other.

The article is available here and a full transcript of the interview is below:


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Great British Curry Crisis image

Lord Bilimoria, Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Curry Catering Industry, was recently interviewed as part of a comprehensive article written about the British curry industry by Malcolm Moore, a journalist at the Financial Times.  The article, titled the The Great British Curry Crisis, detailed the history of curry restaurants in Britain and noted the major issues facing the industry, focusing in particular on the impact that a shortage of skilled South Asian chefs entering the business is having on the industry as a whole. Read More →

Lord Bilimoria recently took part in the BBC’s CEO Secrets series.  The series, which sees prominent businesspeople dishing out business advice to budding entrepreneurs, was published on the BBC’s website at the start of the New Year.   Lord Bilimoria’s thoughts are available here.

On October 6th  Lord Bilimoria successfully launched PictoSo, a photo sharing app designed to operate in small groups, at the Cambridge Freshers’ Fair.  The launch saw huge interest in the picture sharing app, with students eager to learn more about how the Founder of Cobra Beer’s tech venture would change they way they shared photos with friends.

PictoSo provides a platform for groups of people to share photos among themselves in a more private setting than Instagram or Facebook.  Moving away from the traditional broadcasting nature of social media, PictoSo aims to help people share the moments that matter with the people that matter.  The app works well at any occasion, from small gatherings among family and friends to huge parties and boasts a number of innovative features – pictures can be customised before sharing with filters, effects, stickers and more, and 10-second videos can also be shared in groups of your choosing by creating albums and inviting your friends from your phone contacts.

Lord Bilimoria spoke to Tom Knowles of The Times  to discuss the launch:


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In an interview with David Watts for Asian Affairs magazine Lord Bilimoria referenced his own background as an immigrant to demonstrate the damaging nature of Britain’s current immigration policy. He noted the negative consequences of the government’s approach to immigration, such as its impact on the UK’s  Higher Education and curry industries, and stressed that the government’s flawed approach, championed by Theresa May, is destroying Britain’s future business success potential.

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Lord Bilimoria recently gave an interview with Customer Focus magazine, the quarterly publication from the Institute of Customer Service, where he stressed the importance of good customer service in any industry and explained how the partnerships he formed at the outset of the business were crucial to the continued success of Cobra. Read More →

On the 12th September Lord Bilimoria delivered the Asian Development Research Institute (ADRI) Foundation Lecture in Patna. In the lecture, which has previously been delivered by Nobel Laureates Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz, Lord Bilimoria discussed the role of Jamshetji Tata and the contribution of Parsis in the Indian freedom struggle. Drawing on his personal experiences as a Zoroastrian Parsi, Lord Bilimoria talked passionately about the role that the Parsi minority has had in business both in India and the UK.  He also highlighted how the struggle of Tata, both as a visionary businessman and as a freedom fighter, was representative of the struggle of the Parsi minority and closed with words by Mahatma Gandhi, stressing both their general importance, as well as the specific resonance they hold for the Zoroastrian community.


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