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Lord Bilimoria recently took part in the BBC’s CEO Secrets series.  The series, which sees prominent businesspeople dishing out business advice to budding entrepreneurs, was published on the BBC’s website at the start of the New Year.   Lord Bilimoria’s thoughts are available here.

On Monday 27th October, 2014 – Lord Bilimoria appeared on Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show, talking about Zoroastrianism as part of Faith in The World Week.

Pause For Thought is BBC Radio 2’s flagship slot readling with religion and spirituality and includes contributors from a wide variety of faiths, religions and backgrounds.

Lord Bilimoria was the first Zoroastrian Parsi to enter the House of Lords in 2006 – however, the first three ethnic minority members of the House of Commons, Dadabhai Naoroji, Mancherjee Bhownagree and Shapurji Saklatvala.

Fittingly, Lord Bilimoria is a Crossbencher, whilst Naoroji was a Liberal, Bhownagree a Conservative and Saklatvala a Communist with Labour support. The four largest political groupings in Parliament have therefore all been represented by members of the small British Parsi community.

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The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has launched the Sirius Programme at a festival in Manchester.

The program, which aims to attract entrepreneurs and young businesspeople from around the world, is seen as a major initiative by the British Government to increase the scope and diversity of the British economy.  Students and recent graduates with an early stage business plan will receive £12,000 investment, expert advice and help with the logistics of moving to the UK.

Lord Bilimoria, a key figure in the government drive, was interviewed on BBC Breakfast television about the scheme. He said, “I found this country’s environment fantastic, I saw the glass ceiling that existed absolutely shattered before my eyes. People don’t realise what a great country this is to do business.”

The video can be found here.

After visiting India with the Prime Minister, Lord Bilimoria was interviewed about immigration on BBC News’ HARDtalk program. In it, Karan spoke about how best to reform the present immigration system in Britain in a way that would limit illegal entry into the United Kingdom, whilst allowing the brightest and best to contribute to the economy and wider society.

A clip of the interview can be found here.