In an exclusive with IBTimes UK, the online business and commerce publication, Lord Karan Bilimoria discusses his early life and arrival to the UK.  He also talks about the challenges associated with setting up Cobra, and his hopes for future UK-India trade and business relations.


Lord Bilimoria was recently interviewed by Philip Slater of Forbes, the business news publication, about the state of UK-India relations.  The piece touches on the UK’s changing business relationship with India and the rise of entrepreneurship in both countries, as well as the lessons that the Britain and India can learn from each other.

The article is available here and a full transcript of the interview is below:


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Lord Bilimoria recently took part in the BBC’s CEO Secrets series.  The series, which sees prominent businesspeople dishing out business advice to budding entrepreneurs, was published on the BBC’s website at the start of the New Year.   Lord Bilimoria’s thoughts are available here.

Lord Bilimoria was a guest on Sky News’ flagship ‘Murnaghan’ programme on Sunday 2nd November, where he was interviewed about the positive aspects of immigration following a recent study by UCL about British attitudes towards migrants from various EU and non-EU nations.

He was joined by the Bulgarian Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Konstantin Dimitrov, and Labour MP Barbara Roche, the former Immigration Minister.

The following transcript was kindly provided by Sky News.

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Lord Bilimoria has spoken out against the government’s higher education policy, specifically with regards to restrictions placed upon international students in the United Kingdom.

The following article was published on the New Statesman’s “The Staggers’ blog on Monday 1st September.

Founded in 1913, the New Statesman is one of the most well-respected current affairs magazines in the United Kingdom.

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Lord Bilimoria was interviewed by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), who recently celebrated their thirtieth anniversary of their UK office. To celebrate this relationship with the United Kingdom, the CII spoke to a number of senior governmental figures in both nations, as well as leading businesspeople from the UK and India, regarding the commercial and economic links between them.

The Confederation of Indian Industry is a non-governmental , not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organisation that has played a key role in Indian economic development since it was founded in 1895. As India’s premier business association, the CII now boasts over 7200 members from both the private and public sectors, and from businesses of various sizes. Together with its ties to over 242 national and regional sectoral industry bodies, it enjoys an indirect membership of over 100,000 enterprises.

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Lord Bilimoria was interviewed by Bloomberg’s “The Pulse” television programme regarding the recent landslide election of the BJP in India and examined the potential business and economic impact of opposition leader Narendra Modi’s victory at the polls. 

The full video can be found HERE.

Speaking on a debate on the level of employment in the United Kingdom, Lord Bilimoria expressed his continued support for manufacturing concerns outside London and the valuable role that aviation, automobiles and engineering all have to play in re-balancing the British economy. He also commented on the tremendous benefits of immigration to the country and the role that migration has played in numerous businesses at the regional, national and international level.

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Lord Bilimoria participated in a major debate on Scottish independence, which was moved by the former Scottish Secretary, Lord Lang of Monkton. In his speech – Lord Bilimoria noted the tremendous benefits and potential that comes from the historic Union between England and Scotland, as well as the fiscal risks associated with the proposals for an independent Scotland to become part of the Stirling Zone;

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Following on from David Cameron’s trade delegation to India in February 2013, Amarjit Singh, head of the India Business Group at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, interviewed Lord Bilimoria, about the follow up work taking place in the UK and in India. In the two videos below, Lord Bilimoria speaks about the best way to promote Anglo-Indian trade and business links – as well as advising UK small and medium-sized enterprises about the benefits deciding the enter the Indian market.

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