In this first contribution to debates over the amendments to the bill Lord Bilimoria asks a question to Lord Strathclyde about whether the Home Secretary’s promise to give Parliament a say can be trusted. Lord Strathclyde’s response is included

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill

01 March 2017
Moved by Baroness Hayter:
Discussing amendments to the Bill, this amendment is 9B.
Lord Bilimoria:
I thank the noble Lord for giving way. He said that we should trust the British Government; the Home Secretary has written a letter to all of us in which she says:

“I … reassure colleagues that Parliament will have a clear”,

say. This is the same Home Secretary who wanted companies to list every foreign worker, from a Home Office with a Minister who wanted companies to pay £1,000 per EU worker. How can we trust the Home Secretary?

 Lord Strathclyde:

Very simply—the law can be changed only with the agreement of Parliament. That is why these amendments are at the wrong time, in the wrong Bill and on the wrong subject. We should support the rights of British citizens living in Europe.

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