In his second contribution to this debate Lord Bilimoria asks if the Minister can explain how the the UK and NHS could manage without the contributions of EU migrants working within the UK.

Health and Social Care

24 November 2016

Moved by: Baroness Finlay

To move that this House takes note of the implications for the health and social care workforce of the result of the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union.

Lord Bilimoria:

Can the Minister explain this one fact? We have had uncontrolled immigration from the European Union, and we have heard from all quarters in this debate that the NHS and the care sector are highly dependent on those people. We have more than 3 million people from the EU living and working here, yet we have the lowest level of unemployment and the highest level of employment in living memory. How would we have managed without these people? If people voted to leave because of the burden of immigrants on the public sector, we have just proved in this debate that without those immigrants they would not have the public sector.

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