In this contribution to the debate on an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill Lord Bilimoria asks the Minister, Viscount Younger of Leckie, a question relating to TEF ratings. He concludes by stressing that the Government should listen again on the issues he asks about.

Higher Education and Research Bill

08 March 2017

Moved by the Duke of Wellington:

Discussing amendment 62 Clause 26, page 16, line 10, leave out “give ratings” and insert “assess”

Lord Bilimoria:

I thank the Minister for giving way. Will he confirm that when the Government carried out the consultation on the teaching excellence framework, one of the questions asked was: do you agree with the descriptions of the different TEF ratings proposed? Will he also confirm that an overwhelming 55% said no? On the basis of that, the Government came up with the gold, silver and bronze. Now the Minister is hearing unanimously from noble Lords and university leaders that this will not work for universities, will damage the sector and will create the wrong perception. So surely the Government should listen again. If they have listened before, they can listen now.

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